Helping children reach their full potential

March 5, 2019

Children of today can face many pressures from a young age. Anxieties can build up for many reasons and this affects their wellbeing and ability to learn. At Collingwood, we have always known that happy, self-confident children make the best learners and this is what we aim to foster in all our pupils from Nursery to Year 6. With a strong ethos on PSHE, Collingwood is committed to empowering our children in identifying their own feelings. We take a proactive approach to promoting a range of strategies, which helps to develop positive mindset and good mental health within our school community.

We even run a ‘nurture group’ for those children, who may need extra support in dealing with emotional or social difficulties. This has proved to be really valued by parents and pupils alike and our caring, listening approach to the individual child is what continues to make our school such a unique place.


Research shows that teaching children to practice ‘Mindfulness’ allows them to pause and get a better sense of what they need at that very moment in time. They learn not to hide their feelings but to understand themselves and others’ needs better.

In KS1, the children take part in weekly ‘Mindfulness’ sessions, in which they use a variety of exercises, such as guided meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, mindful music and going on sensory walks. Our pupils are then encouraged to use these calming practices within their daily lives, to help them lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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