Inspiring future leaders

  • Our pupils aspire to achieve their very best

    This is their own challenge on an academic level and a personal level. Leadership, responsibility and self-belief are among the key ingredients of this challenge. Our oldest pupils in particular inspire the younger pupils in the roles that they take on. Whether they be sports captains, house captains, playground buddies or digital ambassadors, our Year 6 leaders are expected to show independence, diplomacy and courtesy. All vital life-skills for a future that awaits…

  • PSHE and Citizenship

    A key part of our curriculum, our PSHE and Citizenship programme aims to challenge our pupils to consider the wider world and the environment, as well as their own safety, health and happiness. 

  • Collingwood Voice

  • Children right from Reception to Year 6 have the opportunity to represent the views and opinions of our pupils as part of ‘Collingwood Voice’, our own student council.

    With meetings overseen by a Year 6 chairperson, we are keen to nurture independent thought, responsibility and the skills of articulation and persuasion from a young age.

  • Our council have recently taken on the challenge of improving our outdoor learning and play areas and considering how to improve access for all. With the threat of plastic pollution in mind, they have also led a school-wide campaign to recycle plastics using ‘eco-bricks’ in order to build further outdoor resources.

  • Preparation for senior schools

  • It may sound rather daunting, but the decision about the next stage in a child’s education may appear on the horizon sooner than most parents had ever imagined! Fortunately, we are here to guide and support the pupils and parents through this important transition. We strive to balance the needs of all our pupils as they take their own pathways into the future and our teaching is strategically organised to meet the demands that this brings.

  • We keep an open dialogue with our parents regarding their plans for 11+ future school choices and offer guidance and focused teaching in the key areas of English and Maths in preparation for the competitive exams. Extra classes take place outside the normal curriculum hours and pupils are invited to attend ‘exam practice days’ at the beginning of September before the Autumn Term begins. In addition, they will be prepared for the subject-specific and general interviews that may be a part of the process, particularly if pupils are applying for scholarships.

    Whatever the next steps will be for each child, we will guide our parents through the application process and offer advice as to the school that will be the ‘best fit’ for their child. We will continue to work with parents and pupils throughout Year 6 to ensure that everyone is fully prepared for the transition to each of the chosen senior schools.

    2018 – 2019 Secondary Schools Offers

    2020 – 2021 Secondary School Offers