Gifted and talented pupils

  • Gifted and talented pupils

    We are committed to identifying and providing for gifted, talented and more able pupils. We facilitate stimulating learning opportunities, which extend their thinking skills and encourage them to become focused, reflective learners.

    The challenge that we offer to pupils consists of a combination of differentiation, enrichment, extension and acceleration, featuring in both in-class provision and a range of extra-curricular activities such as maths challenge days, chess competitions, soloist music concerts and essay writing competitions. Special challenge group sessions are run within the curriculum in writing and investigative maths. Specialist teachers provide a ‘bespoke’ curriculum in Design Technology, Art and Foreign Languages with a set of ‘super skills’ that extend the skills of Collingwood pupils above the ‘standard expectations’ for children of that age.

  • A chance for our pupils to join forces with other talented individuals from neighbouring schools to extend their learning beyond what would be possible in a normal school curriculum.