Collingwood's Approach

  • A place to nurture and grow

    As soon as visitors set foot in our welcoming school, they are struck by the Collingwood Tree, which has pride of place in our foyer.

    Our core values of care, courtesy and consideration form the very roots of our school. We expect the children to consistently demonstrate these ‘virtues’ and our caring, nurturing environment, our pupils actively develop their independence, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

    It is a memorable moment when one of our pupils places their name on a leaf on the tree as we celebrate and acknowledge their contribution to our happy community.

    When I was given the leaf on the tree I felt so amazed and really happy, as I thought it would not be for me! It was given to me for being kind and thoughtful and always helpful to staff too.

    When I look up at the wall and see my name up there on a leaf, I feel very proud, as now I have a place on the tree just like my sister.

    — Year 4 pupil