Our mission

  • A place to nurture, challenge and inspire

    Collingwood School is a warm and welcoming preparatory school where we encourage care, courtesy and consideration towards each other.

    The children are nurtured and encouraged to do their very best at all times. We provide a stimulating environment in all areas where our pupils can be challenged by new and exciting topics and learning adventures.

    Collingwood enjoys a strong academic, musical and sporting reputation with healthy competition encouraged through the House system comprising four Houses; Drake, Haig, Nelson and Wellington.

    In their final year, pupils take pleasure in taking on additional responsibilities when Heads of House are appointed, along with School prefects and a Head Boy and Head Girl. Through a variety of inter-house competitions, they learn to be generous winners and gracious losers.

    We get to know our pupils as individuals, and they are known by each and every member of staff. They thrive in our school community and grow in confidence, fully prepared for the next part of their adventure as they enter their chosen senior school.

    ‘Pupils put into practice the school values of care, courtesy and consideration, as demonstrated in their relationships with each other and with staff” – ISI Report 2024

  • A place to nurture

    • We treat each other with consideration and respect as we grow the Collingwood Tree of Virtues.
    • We develop resilience, confidence, emotional strength and wellbeing through our programme of Mindfulness and Me Time.
    • We learn respect and responsibility for the world through environmental and charity ventures and our outdoor learning.
  • A place to challenge

    • We aspire to achieve the highest standards in all we set out to do.
    • We demonstrate a ‘growth mindset’, learn from our mistakes and push ourselves to overcome the challenges we encounter.
    • We participate in our Collingwood Way award scheme, which is designed to develop the creative, collaborative and communication skills of every child
  • A place to inspire

    • We encourage each other through our own success and performance in all areas, including sport, drama, music and art
    • We develop independence, initiative and leadership skills through responsibility, and inspire others to follow our example
    • We are proud of our school houses and our community and are well prepared for life beyond Collingwood