Sport, drama, music and art

  • A core part of Collingwood life

    Sport, music, drama and art – areas that too often become ‘squeezed out’ of other school curricula – remain integral to ours. We know how important it is for children to be given the opportunity to develop skills and self-confidence in these disciplines and specialist teaching is the key.

  • Sport

    Every child gets the opportunity to find a sport in which they can grow and succeed in. We offer a plethora of different sports in hope to engage our future sportsmen and women. The children are fortunate enough to have extremely enthusiastic staff, some of whom are highly skilled at their chosen sport. 

  • Music

    With an inspirational Head of Music at the forefront, our pupils develop their musical ability and a love for the subject along the way. Children sing in a choir right from the beginning of Reception and they become quite accustomed to ‘public’ performance from a young age.

    Learning an instrument is all part of the process and they all learn recorder and ukulele as they move up through the years. We are particularly proud of our Year 3 Strings programme, which offers all children the opportunity to learn violin or cello as part of the curriculum. Many of our children also take up individual lessons in a range of instruments. Performance is all part of the process and our budding musicians can all show off their skills at our school concerts or our annual musical.

  • Drama

    Standing up in front of an audience can be a daunting experience for some children. We know how important it is to encourage this from an early age and all our pupils have Drama as part of the curriculum. It is wonderful to see their confidence enhanced and their performance skills grow.

    Our thriving Drama Club offers the further opportunities for public performances and recent hits have included The Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Carol.

  • Art and Design Technology

    Being based in the former residence and studio of celebrated artist, Frank Dadd, the teaching of Art is a proud tradition at Collingwood. Our children have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills to a high level with our specialist teacher who work with the children from Years 1 to 6. They proudly present their finest pieces at our annual art exhibition. 

    Developing the skills of Design and Technology is also an important feature of our creative curriculum from a young age. This becomes more specialised from Year 3 as the pupils have the opportunity to use a range of equipment to cut, drill, fix and saw. The work they produce is highly impressive for children of such a young age.