Our nursery

  • Our Nursery is a special place. Even our youngest children are proud to be part of the Collingwood ‘family’ and are very much part of the whole school.

  • Welcome to our nursery

    The hidden gem in our school

  • The boys and girls in our Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage goals like any setting, but we can take their experience so much further. As well as being able to provide high levels of adult care and attention through the small group size, Music sessions, sport, yoga, ICT and outdoor learning with our ‘Woodland Adventures’ are all provided as Collingwood ‘extras’ that make our early years setting so unique.

  • Our older pupils supporting our nursery

    Our older pupils in the family from Years 5 and 6 love to come and spend time in our Nursery and regularly get involved in the fun learning that takes place – as role models in behaviour, they also set a fine example for our 3 and 4 year olds. This is all an important part of the Collingwood way.

  • Nursery admissions

    The process for joining our nursery

    Boys and girls can join our nursery when they turn two years of age. Learn more about how your child can join us.

  • As they move up into the ‘big school’, our parents can be safe in the knowledge that their children have developed confidence, independence and impressive social skills as part of their educational journey.

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