Children In Need – Friday 17 November

September 10, 2014

On Friday 17th November, Collingwood School will be raising money for Children In Need. We have decided this year that our theme will be, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance,’ so we are asking children (and staff!) to come to school dressed as dancers. Outfits could include tracksuits, sweatbands, leg warmers and even tutus!

The fun, however, does not stop at a dance themed mufti day! There is a competition throughout the school to see which class can bring in the most OLD £1 coins with all the proceeds going to the charity.

In the afternoon all the children will take part in a dance extravaganza and learn the moves to a popular song hosted by the dance company, ‘Love, Theatre Arts’. Every child will participate and the final dance will be filmed for parents to view online.

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