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  • Top Independent Prep School and Nursery for ages 3-11, in Wallington, Surrey

    Collingwood School is a warm and welcoming preparatory school and nursery based in Wallington, only 5 minutes from Wallington Train Station, with transport links to London. We encourage care, courtesy and consideration towards each other, and the children are nurtured and encouraged to do their very best at all times. We hope you are inspired to get in touch with us.

  • About our school

    Who we are and what we believe

  • Our history

    Collingwood was founded in 1929 as a Boys’ School and was constituted as an Educational Trust in 1978. The school became co-educational in September 1991 and has flourished into the school it is today.

  • Our culture

    Collingwood School is a warm and welcoming preparatory school where we encourage care, courtesy and consideration towards each other, and where the children are nurtured and encouraged to do their very best at all times.

  • The Collingwood Tree

    The Collingwood Tree, which has pride of place in our foyer, celebrates our core values of care, courtesy and consideration and forms the very roots of our school. Its presence helps to motivate our children to succeed.

  • Top Wallington Nursery

    A special place at the heart of Collingwood school

    Our youngest children are proud to be part of the Collingwood family and are very much part of the whole school. Our older pupils in the family from Years 5 and 6 love to come and spend time in our Nursery and regularly get involved in the fun learning that takes place – as role models in behaviour, they also set a fine example for our 3 and 4 year olds.

  • Senior School Offers 2021/2022

    We are very proud of the achievements of our Year 6 pupils this year in receiving so many offers of places for independent senior schools and local grammar schools. They deserve congratulations for their hard work and perseverance. From those children who applied for the range of selective senior schools in our area, we are delighted to announce the following offers.

    Independent Senior Schools

    • Croydon High - academic scholarship
    • Dunottar High - academic scholarship
    • Ewell Castle - academic scholarship

    Maintained sector

    • 11+ offer for Wilsons Grammar School
    • Blenheim High
    • Priory High School
    • Glenthorne High School
    • Greenshaw High School
  • Collingwood’s curriculum

    Our curriculum sets the foundation for life and learning at Collingwood

  • ‘From little acorns, mighty oaks grow’ is a well-known saying, but it provides the ideal analogy for the learning journey that our pupils embark upon at Collingwood. With individualised  support and guidance, the shoots of knowledge and confidence grow and our pupils make impressive progress across the range of learning opportunities.

    • From little acorns...
      Everything you imagine you can do...And whatever you dream will come true
    • Branching out...
      “A leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and show the way”
    • Strong roots...
      Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow.
  • The Collingwood Way award

    Our own unique award programme for personal development

  • Every child in Year 4, 5 and 6 participates in
    our Collingwood Way award

    The Collingwood Way Award is a means to inspire and challenge our pupils to achieve new skills in our six C’s: 

    Character, Creativity, Collaboration,
    Critical thinking, Citizenship, Communication

  • Meet our staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care

    We have an experienced and dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants at Collingwood, with a number of specialists employed to enrich and enhance the curriculum we offer.  Below is just a brief introduction to our teaching team. 

    • Elisabeth da Silva
      Reception Teacher and SENCo
    • Kieran Biles
      Year 2 Teacher
    • Antonia Herriett
      Year 1 Teacher

      “Mrs Herriett is an amazing teacher to have. She is funny, kind and caring to her students and I am never afraid to ask for help.  We also read amazing books like ‘Holes’ and ‘Wonder'” – Year 6 Pupil

    • Andy Miriam
      Year 3 Teacher

      “Mr Miriam was very kind, cheerful and helpful.  He was one of my favourite teachers because he made the lessons come alive.”  Year 3 Pupil

    • Rachel Gawn
      Year 5 Teacher

      “Mrs Gawn is my Maths Teacher. She always makes sure we enjoy our lessons and really explains things if I get stuck”. Year 5 Pupil

    • Wonderful, warm and supportive school. The children are not only taught academically but their wellbeing is put at the forefront. I would highly recommend this school.

      Year 1 Parent
    • My daughter has thrived in the school . She looks forward to going to school and enjoys all the facilities the school offers. Teachers are great and provide a great environment for the children.

      Year 6 Parent
    • Brilliant school. My son looks forward to going every day and is eager to go back after the holidays and asks why there isn’t school on the weekends! He has grown in confidence so much and is doing well.

      Year 1 Parent
    • The school is very friendly and open. Everyone looks out for each other and are so well mannered. Am glad we picked it!

      Year 2 Parent
    • Our daughter has settled really well into the school. We were anxious about schools and looked into a few but Collingwood ticked all our boxes. The teachers are amazing and it shows in the pupils who attend the school.

      Kindergarten Parent
    • Polite and respectful yet confident too. All the staff are so supportive and it’s great having a Head Teacher who is approachable to both students and Parents.

      Reception Parent
  • Safeguarding

    Safeguarding is pivotal to everything we do. Please download our Safeguarding Statement



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