Our staff

  • Leadership

    • Leigh Hardie
      Headmaster and Designated Safeguarding Lead
    • Antonia Herriett
      Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Head (Curriculum)

      “Mrs Herriett is an amazing teacher to have. She is funny, kind and caring to her students and I am never afraid to ask for help.  We also read amazing books like ‘Holes’ and ‘Wonder'” – Year 6 Pupil

    • Dave Sitch
      Year 4 Teacher and Assistant Head (Pastoral)

      “Mr Sitch is so energetic and fun.  He makes me smile if I am sad and always helps me with my lessons if I get stuck.  Mr Sitch brings the school so much joy”.  Year 5 Pupil

  • Early years staff

    • Kirstie Pirrie
      Reception Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

      “Miss Pirrie is lovely because if I have a worry I can tell her.  I also love her mindfulness teaching”.  Year 2 Pupil

  • Pre-Prep (Years 1 - 2)

    • Elisabeth da Silva
      Year 1 Teacher and SENCo
    • Andy Miriam
      Year 2 Teacher

      “Mr Miriam was very kind, cheerful and helpful.  He was one of my favourite teachers because he made the lessons come alive.”  Year 3 Pupil

  • Prep (Years 3 - 6)

    • Diana Tatu
      Year 3 Teacher

      “I really like Miss Tatu, we do lots of fun things like seeing how our plants grow in different environments… even in the fridge” Year 3 Pupil

    • Rachel Gawn
      Year 5 Teacher

      “Mrs Gawn is my Maths Teacher. She always makes sure we enjoy our lessons and really explains things if I get stuck”. Year 5 Pupil

  • Specialist subject teachers

    • Lucy Andrews - Head of Music
    • Anne Cathie - Drama 
    • Caroline Parry - Spanish  
    • Narjiss Bekkaoui - French  
  • Teaching assistants

    • Rebecca Hill 
    • Yan Jones 
    • Christine Sawyer
  • Educational support staff

    • Tracey Goff - Office Manager
    • Martin Ella - Site Manager
    • Gail Errington - Catering Supervisor
    • June Baltram - Catering Assistant
  • Nursery Team

    • Coral Hayes - Nursery Manager
    • Chris Endrich-Simmonds- Room Leader 
    • Chloe Jackson - Nursery Practitioner 
    • Aimee Haines - Nursery Practitioner