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  • Welcome to Collingwood School

    A village school in the London suburbs

  • Our Headmaster says...

    We know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that a parent can make. A parent’s priority is the happiness, well being and achievement of their child and that is also our priority here at Collingwood School.

    Collingwood is a happy, vibrant and truly nurturing school. The atmosphere here is one in which our children feel secure, supported and valued. It is a place where our boys and girls are also challenged to be the best that they can possibly be.

    It is not possible to convey in these few words what a special place Collingwood School is and, for that reason, I strongly encourage you to come and visit and experience it for yourself; I would be delighted to meet you and show you around.

    — Leigh Hardie, Headmaster, Collingwood School
  • Our guiding principles

    What we believe

    Collingwood enjoys a strong academic, musical and sporting reputation with healthy competition encouraged through the House system. We get to know our pupils as individuals, and they are known by each and every member of staff. They thrive in our school community and grow in confidence, fully prepared for the next part of their adventure as they enter their chosen senior school. Our guiding principles are to nurture, challenge and inspire.

    Three words that underpin the philosophy here at Collingwood School are Care, Courtesy and Consideration. Our aim is that when children leave our school at the end of Year 6 they are confident, polite and thoughtful. We aim to help them become well-rounded, both academically and sportingly and self-assured with the confidence to feel excitement for the next stage of their education.

    The qualities of care, courtesy and consideration underpin our philosophy and we promote good manners, thoughtfulness, confidence and attentiveness towards others. We recognise the importance of being part of a community and of the sharing, trust and consideration required in order to work with others. The uniqueness of every child is celebrated and the curriculum reflects the needs of every pupil through a love of physical, active, creative and academic activities. Coupled with a positive partnership with parents we can maximise the potential in each child.

    Aims of the School

    • To bring out the best in each child by encouraging individual talents in a wide range of fields, including academic, music, sport, art and drama
    • To provide a high quality education which is enjoyable, stimulating and fun
    • To ensure that Collingwood has a caring and nurturing environment within a happy and friendly community
    • To develop a love of learning within a structured, broad and balanced curriculum so that each pupil is confident in his or her ability
    • To develop a pupil’s learning skills by encouraging a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity, reflection and critical thinking
    • To instil values and opinions within the context of mutual respect and understanding of differing belief systems and cultures in Britain
    • To enable pupils of all abilities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum in order to furnish them with as much choice as possible when selecting schools for their further education at 11+.
  • Our history

    How we have grown

    Collingwood was founded in 1929 as a Boys’ School and was constituted as an Educational Trust in 1978. The school became co-educational in September 1991 and has flourished into the school it is today.

    The famous English artist Frank Dadd, R.I., R.O.I. 1851-1929 made his home in what is now the Springfield Road site in 1903. He renamed the house (originally called Homeleigh), Morwenstow and lived here for sixteen years. A plaque outside the front door commemorates this.

    The spirit of Frank Dadd lives on with Collingwood’s annual Art and Music festival. We celebrate the work produced during the year and it is always a delight, with displays of innovative pieces demonstrating our pupils’ talents.

  • Collingwood's Tree of Virtues

    As soon as visitors set foot in our welcoming school, they are struck by the Collingwood Tree which has pride of place in our foyer. We use our Tree to encourage our children to demonstrate the virtues that we believe as a school are an important part of childrens’ development. 

  • Inspiring our learners

    How we do things here at Collingwood

    As set out in our ‘mission promise’ to all our pupils, we set out to provide a unique education for all our learners.  Small classes and attention to the individual ensure that every child has every opportunity to thrive in a challenging but supportive learning environment.  They are encouraged to set the aspirations high – who knows what can be achieved?

  • Our team

    Meet some of our teaching staff

    • Elisabeth da Silva
      Year 1 Teacher and SENCo
    • Andy Miriam
      Year 2 Teacher

      “Mr Miriam was very kind, cheerful and helpful.  He was one of my favourite teachers because he made the lessons come alive.”  Year 3 Pupil

    • Diana Tatu
      Year 3 Teacher

      “I really like Miss Tatu, we do lots of fun things like seeing how our plants grow in different environments… even in the fridge” Year 3 Pupil

    • Rachel Gawn
      Year 5 Teacher

      “Mrs Gawn is my Maths Teacher. She always makes sure we enjoy our lessons and really explains things if I get stuck”. Year 5 Pupil

  • Top news stories

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      As our KS2 Drama Club rehearse and prepare for their big performance of ‘Mary Poppins’ at the end of the school year, we thought it would be a great idea to watch the professional show [...]
    • Music Concert for our soloists
      It is always a very proud moment when we see our young musicians perform in front of an appreciative audience. We are very keen to allow all the children who individually learn a musical instrument [...]
    • Bikeability at Collingwood
      Learning to ride bikes safely on our roads is a vital life skill and we are keen to help our pupils in this. Year 5 and 6 participated in the ‘Bikeability’ course run by Sutton [...]
    • Singing Festival for ILG Schools
      It was a real treat when all of the school choirs in the Inspired Learning Group were able to come together in Christ Church, New Malden on 16th March for this premier event. Collingwood choir [...]
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