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    • Healthy Body Healthy Mind Week
      A fantastic week of learning and collaboration for all as we participated in the national initiative of Children’s Mental Health Week. We took on daily challenges and started each day with a whole school ‘wake up and [...]
    • Collingwood Summer Fair
      The final Saturday of the school year saw the return of the Collingwood Summer Fair. This is a fantastic event for all the community to come together and raise funds led by our Parent Staff [...]
    • Musical Talent
      We have been treated to two amazing performances in the last weeks of term with our KS2 Drama Club production of ‘Mary Poppins’ and our school music concert in the following week. What confidence and talent [...]
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    • Be Kind to your Mind
      We are delighted to be running a ‘Be Kind to your Mind’ week at Collingwood School from Monday 14th October.    As a school we want our children to have the opportunity to explore the important [...]
    • Collingwood School 90th Year
      Midway through our 90th Year we have had already had some amazing events.  On the 7th June we held our 90th Celebration Ball at the beautiful Zinnia Gardens.   We welcomed past staff, parents and pupils [...]
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