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      Lunar New Year Celebrations
      Having Miss La in our nursery meant we learned all about how the new year is celebrated in Vietnam. We had a special assembly and learned why it is the Year of the Ox. We dressed [...]
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      Orchestra Unwrapped
      Our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in Orchestra Unwrapped last week, what a fantastic experience for all involved.  Here is an account of the afternoon by one of our Year 6 students. Last [...]
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      At Collingwood School, we encourage and nurture the skills required for a digital future. However, with these skills and the ‘freedom’ of the online world come responsibilities. The theme of Safer Internet Day 2020 is [...]
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    • Be Kind to your Mind
      We are delighted to be running a ‘Be Kind to your Mind’ week at Collingwood School from Monday 14th October.    As a school we want our children to have the opportunity to explore the important [...]
    • Collingwood School 90th Year
      Midway through our 90th Year we have had already had some amazing events.  On the 7th June we held our 90th Celebration Ball at the beautiful Zinnia Gardens.   We welcomed past staff, parents and pupils [...]
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