6A visit to The Children's Trust

March 28, 2019

We are so proud of our Year 6 children who visited The Children’s Trust in Tadworth this week. After our Head Boy and Girl attended a school event there earlier this year, they got back to Collingwood and asked if we could get more involved. They really took on board what the amazing staff at the Trust said about describing how music helps children with brain injury reconnect with the world around them.    With help from our fantastic DT specialist our pupils designed and built musical instruments, creating music boxes and shakers with lots of sensory elements.

Our pupils were so excited to take the finished instruments to The Children’s Trust this week and really enjoyed demonstrating and showing the children there how they worked and what sounds they could make.

Citizenship and Working in the Community is a major part of our Collingwood Way Award which all of our children participate in.

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